Monday, 19 October 2009

day 351

the christian lives on bramley road. i’ve only picked her up twice. she goes local (£5) to a caring place...she’s a carer. the first time i took her to work she approached the car with a knowing grin, jumped in the front, - (this is unusual), took my hand (this is also, virtually unheard of) and said, in a booming, amazing caribbean, west london voice “TELL ME WHAT YOUR WORRIES ARE BOY”

Naturally I didn’t want to disappoint her, so, I blurted out “my car and money”.

In an instant, her eyes closed, her grip on my hand tightened (it’s an automatic, relax already) and she prayed for me. Yes. She prayed for me right there, reader, on the Golborne Road “DEAR LORD BLESS THIS BOY AND LOOK AFTER HIS CAR AND GIVE HIM SOME MONEY FROM THE TOP OF HIS HEAD TO THE SOLES OF HIS FEET DEAR JESUS LORD...” you get the idea.

I found this profoundly moving. Notwithstanding one’s religious stance, the fact that someone, - a complete stranger, no less, - would be arsed to take my hand and give me about 45 seconds of their day in such a giving and spontaneous way was so nice to experience.

Believe it or not, the next job i got was a lady who always goes round the corner and gives a score for a £5 job. As she was getting out my phone went. It was Jose...

“Don’t ask how but your car passed the MOT...”

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