Tuesday, 20 October 2009

day 360

Looking back, it should have been obvious that something wasn't as it
should be. It was a routine call to Bourne Terrace, off the Harrow
Road. No address, just a mobile. I parked up and called. The guy told
me to meet him at the top end of the street which I did.

They told me to wait while they got the telly from round the corner.
They were moving it for a friend, they said. I asked where to? Local,
- just to Ledbury Road. I opened the boot and they put the giant
plasma tv inside, before we reached underneath the westway we were
surrounded by about six police cars. A hand reached into the car,
turned the ignition off and took the keys. A voice said 'don't worry
mate, we know you're a cabbie'. The two blokes had just stolen the tv
from one of the posh houses round the corner and had smashed the place up.

I had to give a statement at harrow road nick, was given a cup of tea, a fiver for the fare (nice touch i thought) and sent on my way.

You never know what you're going to get in this game. It's like fishing.

I'm working with a band at the moment. Young lads from South London. We've done some great recordings and I'm going to play them to a few old mates from the Record Industry. You never know...I think they're good...

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